My Ex-wife Loved Women Who Killed Their Husbands And Children – Emeka Ike


My Ex-wife Loved Women Who Killed Their Husbands And Children – Emeka Ike

Despite the news that Emeka Ike’s marriage to his ex-wife, Suzanne, was dissolved by the court, things may not be well between them anytime soon.

While speaking with Saturday Beats, the actor said her best TV station while they were together was the criminal investigation channel and she would stay awake till 4am to watch the channel.

He said;


“At first, I used to enjoy watching it with her. She watched the programmes about women who killed their husbands, children, relatives. How do you wake up by 4 am and not see your wife on the bed only to go downstairs and see her watching that station as if she is taking notes? I had to ask her if she wanted to kill somebody with the way she watched the station, but she just switched off the television, went to her room and slept.”

“The children are scared of her. People have been asking me how my children have been coping with this whole drama, but the truth is that they don’t want to see her.

If you threaten our daughter that she would go to Lagos to meet her mother, she would cry and do everything you want her to do in the house just because she doesn’t want to see her. Now my children are suffering emotionally.

I even had to pay their matron to make my children comfortable so they don’t really miss their mother. I am not happy that my daughter does not have a role model. The children are really irritated by their mother.

I have a lot of evidence of child abuse against her, but I am waiting for the right time to arrest her. Even in court, her son testified against her. She has tried to use the press against me by saying that I am a wife beater, but I have never touched her in my life. This is a real story, not a joke.”

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