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My defeat in Ekiti not due to stomach infrastructure – Fayemi print


My defeat in Ekiti not due to stomach infrastructure – Fayemi print

Governor Kayode Fayemi

Governor Kayode Fayemi

state governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has debunked insinuations that he
lost the 21 June governorship election because of what analysts have
called ‘stomach infrastructure’, saying the insinuations are the
handiwork of people he described as “arm chair analysts.”
governor made the assertion at the 70th birthday lecture and book
presentation in honour of Professor Olatunji Dare in Lagos.
about what you read in the papers, it is not stomach infrastructure,”
he said in a veiled reference to the outcome of the Ekiti state
governorship polls.
While announcing his launch of the book,
Fayemi explained that he decided to attend the event himself and
purchase copies of the book because “maybe it will redeem my image of
what people say we are. Forget what you read from the arm chair
analysts, there is nothing called stomach infrastructure in Ekiti. That
story will be told another day, not for this occasion.”
He also
noted that he did not come to the function with a retinue of policemen
and personal aides because of his belief as an intellectual in the
public space.
“So when the chairman [General T.Y Danjuma] said I
came in quietly and sat down, what else was I supposed to do? To create
distraction by walking in with gun-toting policemen, with sirens blaring
and all the goons disturbing the peace of the hall? That way, I will be
the people’s governor.
“I do worry about that because the lecture
we just had and the festschrift talks about public intellectuals and
the place of public intellectuals in public sphere.”
It is,
however, not clear if the governor never used sirens or never had a
retinue of aides following him about at functions in the past.
governor also said he experiments this principle by documenting his
experiences in governance since assuming office in Ekiti State.
someone who, at the turn of every year that I have been in office, I
have cause to write a book about my experience in government and the
challenges of governance, that is why I regard Professor Dare as one of
the very best in the industry. And that is why I’m here. That’s my first
public event since June 21st (the day of the Ekiti election).”
said he will continue with the task of finding answers to problems of
the society. “We want to go on with our sociological challenges with the
way the people are governed. I consider it a duty on my part to pay
homage to someone who has taught us the importance of public
intellectuals in the development and deepening of democracy.
is why I didn’t want to send someone here. Though my Commissioner for
Information is here, I prefer to be here myself. I will like to buy some
copies, maybe it will redeem my image of what people say we are in

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