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Would Monalisa Chinda Still Be Alive Today?


Would Monalisa Chinda Still Be Alive Today?

Would Monalisa Chinda Still Be Alive Today?

Monalisa Chinda was one of the regular faces in the Nigerian movie industry within the early 2000s. Her beauty and charisma gave her a very central role amongst Nigerian actresses. Then towards the later years of the 2000s, she stopped being a regular on the screens of our local televisions. This was attributed to the fact that she was having major problems in her marriage at the time. This got to the extent that she sought for a divorce in 2009.

When this happened, many people came out in support of her, saying that any lady that is at the receiving end of an abusive marriage should leave before she dies. Others came out with such lines like, “she should have stayed and worked things out,” and “marriage is for better, for worse”. The fact is that she found out it was not working again and that it presented more dangers than the joy it was supposed to give, and so she walked. In her own words, “I tried to make it work but it takes two people to tango. That’s the only thing I regret. Raising my child without a father, it’s a bit painful. But I have to live with it. It’s better that way than to expose my daughter to all sorts of domestic violence. It will definitely disorient her and affect her upbringing. She will be dis-functional. God knows the best. Maybe I should be more careful.”

Would Monalisa Chinda Still Be Alive Today

However, events that has unfolded within the past few weeks with news of people being killed in abusive marriages from different parts of Nigeria and other countries takes us back into a detailed consideration of the step she took some years back. And the question is, would she still be alive today if she had stayed in an abusive relationship, and was she right to leave.

According to recent events, that she left the marriage with her life is an ultimate thing.  Many people stand on religious grounds to condemn this. But no religion allows a husband to abuse the wife.

Other women who would normally not condone such actions from a man will stay in the marriage for fear of who will marry them when they leave, but Monalisa is getting married to another man just after few years. They did the traditional marriage on February 20 and the white wedding will follow later this month.

Looking at these options, do you believe that any woman who is abused by the husband should leave?

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Hmmm after reading this article am just speechless, maybe she is where God wants her to ne now…

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Life first!


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