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Mexican Fisherman Rescued After a Week at Sea


Mexican Fisherman Rescued After a Week at Sea

Sept. 22, 2014 photo courtesy of Adonai Vazquez, Mexican fisherman Raymundo Rodriguez, who had been adrift at sea for a week

People aboard a Mexican pleasure boat rescued a fisherman who had been
adrift at sea for a week after his boat was swamped by Tropical Storm

Crew members of the 42-foot (12.8-meter) sailboat U-Fin videoed the
thin, exhausted man as he floated in a giant foam cooler about 6 miles
(10 kilometers) off Acapulco on Monday and then brought him aboard.
The U-Fin’s captain, Roberto Odis Vazquez, said Wednesday that the
rescued man had caught a seagull for food and didn’t want to let the
carcass go when he was rescued.
“The poor man, he didn’t want to let go of that seagull. He wanted to
bring it with him to eat,” Odis Vazquez said. “It would bring tears to
anybody’s eyes.”

Odis Vazquez said the man told of his fishing boat being swamped in high
waves and said he threw out his catch and took refuge in the huge ice
chest used to store catches.
Enrique Dominguez, an official at the Acapulco Port Captain’s Office,
identified the rescued fisherman as Raymundo Rodriguez, 45, who set out
from a beach near Acapulco on Sept. 14 along with another man, Mario
Morales, 69, on a fishing trip.
Dominguez said the men’s open boat got swamped in the rough weather
caused by Tropical Storm Polo. He said the port was formally closed
because of bad weather when the pair set out.
Rodriguez said Morales had died farther out to sea. Another fishing boat
found the two men’s swamped boat with Morales’ body inside earlier
Monday, Dominguez said.
Odis Vazquez said the fisherman appeared to be suffering from
hypothermia when he was rescued. Dominguez said the man was taken to a
local naval hospital and has recovered enough to receive visits.

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Chinomso Nzeogu
Chinomso Nzeogu

God is great for saving Him (the fisherman)

Victor Ndah

Wow thank God he is still alive…


Than God for saving he


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