Why are men always 100% guilty of domestic violence?


Why are men always 100% guilty of domestic violence?

Read the article as sent in by a blog reader:

“Domestic violence: who is to blame? I once had this quiet Medical Doctor as a neighbour, on this faithful day, he closed early. On his way home, he saw his wife in a beer parlour owned by an Alhaji where drinking and smoking starts as early as 6am even during fast.He only called her name and went home, sat her down to ask questions.

Shockingly, the woman told him she doesn’t monitor his movements so she doesn’t want to be monitored. Before the man could utter another statement, a dirty slap landed on him. Still in shock, the Igbo woman [huge] pounced on him on the sofa and started punching. [A woman he had never slapped for 15 years]. When he gained the strength to push her off, he gave her a blue black beating.


Upon the arrival of peace makers, everyone was fast to accuse the ‘shameless Medical Doctor’ of domestic violence, bla bla. Only for him to shut them up and started telling stories of what he endures including coming home late to discover the woman left the kids at home for night parties.

There was a comment on Patoranki’s manager’s DV on this blog that boasted her MACHO husband of 10 years has not touched her despite her RUNNING MOUTH. Just imagine!

The day her cup will full and the man RUNS his hand, she will run to bloggers with cooked up stories, everyone will believe her and start insulting and raining curses on the man without deep investigation. Some women can be very devilish, most especially those married to tolerant men, professionals and Men of God.

Are women abusing men emotionally or not which makes them to abuse physically? No woman had ever said she ignited the DV, threw the first punch, nor mention a single fault of hers.
Everyone believes the women’s stories only, why? Are women innocent and harmless? Why are the men always 100% guilty?”

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