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Meet Justin Bieber And His Trashy Father in The Louvre


Meet Justin Bieber And His Trashy Father in The Louvre

We can’t believe there’s anyone on the
planet that could be more immature than Justin Bieber — but then we saw
these pics of the Biebs and his proud papa, good old Jeremy Bieber,
goofing off in Paris … and remembered there’s at least one man who
puts the “Boyfriend” singer’s childish antics to shame — and that’s his
dad. These two are cut from the same cloth!

The gruesome twosome headed to the famous Parisian museum and took some
wacky pics on Thursday night. Jeremy, who seemed to be really jazzed
about his miniature Eiffel Tower statue, really classed up the joint
with his outfit, while the Biebs looked sleek and stylish in his
all-black ensemble and crustache.

In our heads, the father/son chat about heading to the museum went something like this:

Justin: “Hey Pops, we gotta enjoy being in the City of
Love. Should we see some art and sh*t, or should we just go drink some
sizzurp with some ratchet honeys?”
Jeremy: “Baby Biebs, I gotta mad plan: Let’s go see some art and sh*t and then get our sizzurp on with some ratchet honeys.”
Justin: “I like the way you think, Big Papa B. But
maybe you should change out of those sweatpants? The Louvre is nice and
it’s Fashion Week.
Jeremy: “Kewl. I’ll go put on my fancy sweats.”
Justin: “I’ll grab the laser pointer, but don’t forget your tiny Eiffel Tower. I love it ’cause it’s sooo tiny.”
Jeremy: “Exactly.”

And then in our heads, they do a double-cup toast to drinking the night away in gay Paris.

Also, the Louvre isn’t open at night … so they just visited the OUTSIDE of the Louvre? CLASS ACTS!

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Victor Ndah

Like seriously they both look alike, and as we say "like father like son"


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