15 Marvel Comics Characters Who Might Appear In Upcoming MCU Movies


With the release of Civil War and the launch of its ‘Phase Three,’ the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues its dominance of the movie landscape.

Civil War has primed audiences for multiple new characters who’ll prove increasingly important in upcoming movies, and there are plenty more significant characters that will turn up in films like Doctor Strange,Black Panther, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Some characters that’ll show up in upcoming movies will have a significant impact on the future of the MCU – heroes and villains which will play major roles in the development of future films will be introduced over the next few years, as the series continues to adapt and change over time.

While it’s not possible to predict every new character that’ll make a major impact on the MCU, fans of Marvel Comics are not above making educated guesses about which elements from the comics will soon show up on the big screen. Here are fifteen characters from Marvel comics that might make their debut in the very near future.


Movie audiences have already been introduced to several incarnations of the Green Goblin over the past few years – in both the Spider-Man andAmazing Spider-Man franchises, Norman Osborn and his son Harry have appeared to make trouble for the Web Head. Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of the dual personalities that make up the complex character of Osborn remains one of the most popular elements from the first Spider-Man trilogy, and news that the actor will be starring in the upcoming Justice League movie has upset many fans who’d been holding out hope that he might reprise his iconic role in the MCU.


Norman Osborn in Marvel Comics 15 Marvel Comics Characters Who Might Appear In Upcoming MCU Movies

Nevertheless, the MCU needs a Norman Osborn. Not only is the character pivotal to theSpider-Man mythos, but in more recent years, Osborn has played a large part in significantAvengers comics. Not only is Osborn the original comic book Iron Patriot, but he also took control of US national defense and the Avengers for a short time during the Dark Reigncomic storyline.

As Spider-Man’s collection of key characters enter the MCU, it’s unlikely that Osborn will be skipped, and there’s plenty of potential for the character to take on a wider role in a Phase Four movie after a new big bad villain is needed for the series in the wake of Infinity War.

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