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Man loses his iPhone 7plus to an old friend he recently ran into in Lagos, after 4 years of separation


Man loses his iPhone 7plus to an old friend he recently ran into in Lagos, after 4 years of separation

Man loses his iPhone 7plus to an old friend he recently ran into in Lagos, after 4 years of separation

He shared the guy photo and wrote:

I saw This guy by name Sherriff Rifa and one of his friend by nickname Tmanjoe at Farm City Bar in Lekki Phase1 on Tuesday two wks ago for the first time after 4 years when we last saw each other in person,.Good they came to say Hello to me where i was sitting down on my own o,as indomie that they re they told me to buy them drinks for them i did,they asked for codeine ,i told them i don’t do codeine so i bought drinks for them to chill after awhile i stood and i was going home,they told me they came to see someone at chevron drive,blah blah after that we didn’t share contact o,so u can know this guys ain’t my friend .Okay let me continue.Infact have reported to the Police within lekki that’s one of my friend and they’re working on this case for me.,so on Thursday 29th March 2017 i saw this guy again at the same place here in Lekki,he waka come again howfr ,i said i de .he asked can i sit down him and one his friend o ,i said no wahala,so this guy sat down i ordered for noda drink and this guy asked me to pay for the drinks he bought with one of his friend b4 coming to meet me o cos anyone that can ask you for financial help does not have and this one as he fool reach na drink money o,Eh God .so he sat like he’s the one that paid for the drink,he keeps asking me what’s going on,what’s going on,i was jus whinny the guy inside my own mind o ,not knowing that he was also even whinny me join i stood up to use the rest-room ,my dear brothers and sisters i did not use 1 min inside that toilet o jus to pee when am not tank,for me to come back to my table believe me this guy and his friend took my iphone7 plus which i kept on the table believing that i am with somebody not knowing that he’s a big time criminal,Thank God i did not answer him when he was asking abt my car ,where i parked blah blah,so pls anyone who’s got good information about this guy or his family should please contact +2340939459225..I’ve blocked the phone on Icloud but am hearing agin there’s nothing they can’t unlock in 9ja,please kindly share i even called my number same night to tell this guy to drop my sim somewhere that i don’t have my sim pack o

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