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Man kills daughter after eating his mother’s food in Akwa Ibom


Man kills daughter after eating his mother’s food in Akwa Ibom

Man kills daughter after eating his mother’s food in Akwa Ibom


Joseph Ibanga James have been arrested by the Akwa Ibom State Police Command for killing his 4-year-old daughter named Glory. Joseph who is from Ibiaku-Ikot Udom said he was pushed by mysterious forces to kill his daughter. He also mentioned that the mysterious force started after eating his mother’s food.

He said, “Suddenly, something just entered into me and urged me to kill my daughter who was fast asleep. I responded immediately and strangulated the girl and buried her by the side of a river close to our house. “It was after I had killed her that my eyes became clear and I began to understand that I had committed a grievous offence. As I got home, my mother asked me the whereabouts of the girl. When I could not explain, she raised alarm and alerted the neighbourhood and from there, the police was invited to arrest me. I do not know what got into me. I regret everything.”

Comfirming the report the State commissioner of police Mr Murtala Mani through the Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Delia Nwawe said Ibanga committed murder and would be charged to court to face the consequences of the offence. He warned that under his command, police would not condone any act of criminality.

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