Making A Living: Six In-demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada


Making A Living: Six In-demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada

Every year, thousands of individuals get admitted into different colleges in Canada to study and become professionals in various fields. While a college degree qualifies you for employment into different sectors of the economy, it does not guarantee financial security. A recent report states that only about 49 per cent of those living in Canada actually have jobs that require a university degree. This is because many employers are looking to employ skilled workers who can put their knowledge, experience and expertise to good use. Yes, skilled trade jobs are currently in high demand and they can provide you with the same satisfaction and reward that a white collar job offers.


Here are six skilled trade jobs that can help you earn a decent living in Canada.

1. Electrician: Whether you are an
industrial electrician or a residential electrician, job opportunities abound in Canada for people with this skill. They are needed to install, test, maintain and repair different electrical equipment and systems either in residential or commercial settings. Since people need their electrical appliances and systems to be in good working condition at all times, electricians will always be in high demand.

2. HVAC Mechanic: You may not know how useful HVAC Mechanics are until there is no heat in your house in the middle of winter or you are stuck in an office without air flow. HVAC Mechanics ensure that your heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilation systems function properly. Those in this line of trade may choose to run their own business or work as employees of other companies.

3. Construction Workers: In almost every part of the world, construction workers are constantly in demand. The reason being that people need to have a roof over their head, commercial enterprises need to be built and infrastructures like roads need to be constructed. With a relevant work experience and a post-secondary education, an individual can quickly rise to the position of construction manager handling major projects, preparing estimates and hiring workers.

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