“Lucky Me” Offers More Than Moral Lessons


Lucky Me” Offers More Than Moral Lessons

“Lucky me” is a collaboration between Watts Camera Action and Africa Magic and it is directed by Muyiwa Aluko whose works include, “Dibia”, “North East”, “Dream House”, and the soon to be released comedy flick, Bandits.

“Lucky Me” is a story about a man whose life has been a tale of ill-luck. He depends on his best friend for sustenance but has to deal with his girlfriend who sees him as an lazy and good for nothing. His life changes when he meets Lady Luck. She offers him all his heart desires- a good job, wealth, power, and even the girl of his dreams. But of course it all comes with a price- his life span is limited. A solution comes when he meets a man at a bar. November 28 is his supposed last day on Earth, he is on a mission to save himself. This is when the movie actually starts. The viewer’s heart stops beating and he moves to the edge of his seat.

Lucky Me is a supernatural drama about friendship and betrayal that is told with a fresh twist. It is very unpredictable.

However, I think the movie dragged on for too long. I was dozing off at some point. The movie could have just ended in an hour. There were a number of scenes that the movie could have survived without like the dinner scene with the couples and the fertility test scenes. There were also a couple of bad acting for the extras especially the barman.

Otherwise the movie was brilliant and very intriguing towards the end. “Lucky Me” ends with the caption, “The devil offers you what is already yours”. And so the viewer is left inspired, motivated and most important of all, entertained.

What I commend the director and writer, Muyiwa Aluko for is that although this movie sought to teach moral lessons, it did not become preachy or resort to solving the problems by bringing in an all powerful pastor who would solve everything by a simple act of prayer. That would have ruined the movie.

Uzor Arukwe brings his character to life, expressing the right emotions from fear to anxiety to desperation.

Ibrahim Suleiman plays the supportive friend and he does good.

Nkem Marchie is his annoying and insensitive girlfriend. She is convincing.

Other casts are Yemi Solade, Centhia Ihebie, Efe Irile, Patrick Fakoya and Jude Chukwuka.

Favourite scene: The scene at the garden with Lady Luck

Favourite Character: The Unlucky-Lucky man (Uzor Arukwe)
Kudos to the Director, Muyiwa Aluko.


By Dika Ofoma, an intern with linjust.com

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