Lotanna Triumphs Where Most Nollywood Films Fail


Lotanna Triumphs Where Most Nollywood Films Fail

With Lotanna we get Superb Cinematography, good sound and music, fashion and a lot to be desired.

I really loved this film. The movie excelled where a lot of nollywood movies fail woefully. Technicality. Lotanna took us to 1980. The wardrobe and set design did it all and we were convinced that we were in 1980. Camera movements was working, the shots and all, and I liked the fact that the movie showed instead of telling. We were left to figure out the movie instead of being bombarded by silly and boring dialogues. The movie also gave us some bodacious explicitness that was tastefully done.

Lotanna told a fresh story and was creative in telling it, the only problem that it wasn’t told well and as though the failing story wasn’t bad enough, the movie now had some telemundo like twists.

One of my problems with this film was acting. I don’t think any of the actors really got into character. Surprisingly, Meg Otanwa who had a small role as mama Clara would take the best actor award for me. Don Clef as the antagonist definitely had the looks and the attitude but I think his acting would’ve faired better if he didn’t have to struggle with the stuttering. Chris Attoh wasn’t convincing as a classroom teacher.


Another problem I had was with the mint ten naira notes. I think the movie lacked for authenticity seeing every payment made was in mint notes even from a blacksmith. I do not believe that dirty and ruffled notes common with Nigerians started with this generation.

What I didn’t get most about the film was how everyone in the community both rich and poor were owing one man and the movie didn’t even attempt an explanation.

Then chemistry with Lotanna (Chris Okagbue)and Zara (Ama K. Abrese) I don’t know if it had anything to for with recasting, was poor.

Lotanna could’ve easily become a classic if the same attention paid to the technicalities was paid to the storytelling. The movie brought a lot of freshness and creativity and I totally recommend.

By Dika Ofoma, a movie blogger with Linjust. He is a cinephile who is interested in movie reviews and discussion.

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