I lost Contract with FG after my Ex-wife Revealed I Was Gay – Kenny Badmus


I lost Contract with FG after my Ex-wife Revealed I Was Gay – Kenny Badmus

Popular Nigerian brand expert, Kenny Badmus has narrated how he lost a yearly contract with the Federal Government after his ex-wife of six years revealed in court that he was gay.

Badmus, who came public with his sexual preference for men with a Facebook post in January 2015, had also revealed he is HIV positive.

In a new post on his Facebook page, Badmus disclosed how his ex-wife of six years knew his orientation before they got married, adding that she believed God would heal him and convert him to a heterosexual man.

He also shared on how he was affected after his ex-wife told people he was gay.

He wrote:

“May 2014 at the Magistrate Court, Ikeja, Lagos, my wife (now ex) said with her thick Igbo accent.

“Kanny is a homosexual my Lord, I caught him with his male lover. She looked straight into my eyes daring me to deny her allegation. My lawyer gestured me to remain silent.

“Kai, this man na homosexual. May God punish you; the noise in the courtroom began to rise as strangers held their noses up.

“My accuser – my wife- rode on the waves of support coming from the crowd as she recounted the names of men she suspected I had slept with to the court.”

“This was the moment she had been waiting for since we separated in 2010. Buoyed by a firm support from the evangelical church, she made a final case why I should be punished by law for daring to acknowledge my sexual preference for men over her.


“‘How dare you,’ she quipped, ‘how dare you leave the natural nurture of almighty pudenda for such oddity called prick! Don’t rush to blame her, Diary. If I were her, and I didn’t know better, I could be doing the same thing. Yes, it’s true that I had told her I was gay long before we married, but she honestly counted on Jehovah God to use her cooter to convert me into a full-fledged heterosexual.

“How could you blame her for trusting God’s word? Now that six years of intense f**k didn’t change anything, she had come to use the instrument of law. Hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord. It’s also God’s word. The infallible word of God.

“Being black and gay stinks. Or why do you think so many great black men and women who are gay never come out to say it? Let’s not mention names. You know who I’m referring to.

“Then people continue to talk. How come you are like this? How come your wife is leaving you? How come you are still single? Didn’t the Bible condemn that shit? How come, how come?

“For me when my sh*t started to fall, many family members stayed away. Friends refused to pick my calls. Wifey had told them I was gay. Church stayed away. Jesus had told them ‘touch not the unclean thing.’

“Wifey had told them “Kanny is a homo.” “In Nigeria, it doesn’t matter what you have done to assist people. If you don’t post updates such as ‘Come and see what the Lord has done,’ ‘If not for Jesus,’ ‘Father Lord no ni’ on your social media, you are an infidel.

“As my sh*t started to fall through the roof, major clients left because they heard from someone who heard from someone, who heard from my ex-wife that I was gay.

“My yearly contract with the federal government (which trained thousands of graduates annually) ended. My wife had been to Abuja to tell them I was a pervert and had no moral standard to teach the youth how to develop their talents.”

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