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‘Live within your means’ Ubi Franklin tells his baby boy


‘Live within your means’ Ubi Franklin tells his baby boy

‘Live within your means’ Ubi Franklin tells his baby boy

Yesterday Ubi Franklin and wife were blessed with a baby boy. The new Dad shared his first picture of the baby boy with a beautiful caption. The caption was filled with Fatherly advice to his first son. Ubi couldn’t wait until the boy understands English because right now what they know is eat, cry and sleep.

Ubi-and-Baby-Franklin-linjust 1

‘Welcome son to this world. Take God as your Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the End.

Few hours before you were born I prayed and prayed cried and cried seeing your mum go through so much pain to push you out, I must say she is a very strong woman, but once you were ready to come out you didn’t waste our time it was quick and by The special Grace of God you made it and your Mum is strong and Healthy.

I owe you everything good this world will offer, but most importantly your parents are devoted Christians I’ll Teach you in the way of The Lord.

Take life easy when you grow up and don’t take it too serious, east, rest and be hard working. I welcome what ever decision you take in life, but I’ll prayer for you daily that you live a life of worthy of emulation and become a great man.

What ever career you choose I am very comfortable with it, but permit me to suggest been a Lawyer, Doctor, and Political scientist that will help change our society for good.

Learn to Respect women and treat them with care, be very respectful and cordial to those above you.

Don’t expect everyone to Love you, but love and respect people as Christ Loved the Church.

Stay away from peer Pressure.

Live within your means and live in the way of the Lord.

I’ll leave it here for now God Bless you and keep you Safe for me and your mum and all our families and friends.

We will keep talking son, let this bond begin. God bless everyone who prayed with us and stood by The Franklins till this point. Thank You.’

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Lovely, and am sure his son is gonna keep that in mind as he grows…


If he doesn’t we will remind him on social media

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Excited new dad!


yes oh…what excitement can make you do


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