Hot Giveaway for November 2016 Winners

0 Hot Giveaway for November 2016 Winners

A grateful heart is a thankful heart. We are appreciative to all members of Linjust family for the great impact they have been making in our site.

With your loyal support, we will keep taking the site to a greater level. We are always committed to keeping our vision alive and active.

Our hearty gratitude goes to all those that comes only to visit and go, we genuinely value you for that singular gesture, unfortunately, we are unable to track those readers and appreciate them individually.


We are also using this medium to encourage you to always comment when you visit so that we can have your name at our database.

It is based on this that we are now congratulating and appreciating those that always leave their comments on our site. Your comments are so inspiring; it means so much for us. Below are top 3 commenter’s for the month of November, 2016:


2. Possible Wilson


Keep commenting, you might be among the lucky winners for next month’s ‘December 2016 edition’. The lucky winners for this month would be contacted by our Admin in 2-3 days from now.

Don’t give up, keep commenting, we are here to serve you.

Great thanks to you all!

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