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Let Peace Reign…Asa Igbo Advises Wizkid & Linda Ikeji


Let Peace Reign…Asa Igbo Advises Wizkid & Linda Ikeji

ASA IGBO 2014 2Let Peace Reign…Asa Igbo advises Wizkid & Linda Ikeji

Asa Igbo 2014/15 is the first Nigerian celebrity to openly told journalists that she is uncomfortable with the beef going on between two Nigerian finest celebrities, the popular petite singer, Wizkid and most popular female blogger in African continent, Linda Ikeji.

Chatting with our journalist, Ethelbert Umeh, Asa Igbo did not take sides, instead as a woman of peace, valour, integrity and lover of mankind, she encouraged the duo to shelve their swords and embrace peace. In her words, she said ‘let peace reign backbiting, and hatred will not take us anywhere’

If you missed the news, then let us refresh your minds about that. Sometime around 2012, Linda Ikeji posted on her blog a mansion reportedly owned by Wizkid, people praised the petite singer for acquiring such multi-million building at a very young age. Little did fans know that Wizkid actually rented it, then the bombshell came few days ago when the rent expired and Wizkid was unable to renew it for obvious reasons. Then he was about to be evicted out of the house.

Linda got the info, and like blogger witch-hunting for breaking / controversial news, she published it on her popular blog and set the record straight that Wizkid was never the real owner of the mansion. Wizkid got angry at such publication, and came to her Instagram page to call her names, detailing how his director slept with Linda and left her on the hotel room and even insulted her family.

However, Linda has debunked the news saying that it was never true. The story is still developing, a lot of issues are being revealed. If something drastic is not done about it, one of the parties may likely have his or her image gruesomely bruised. This is why Asa Igbo 2014/ 15 (Her Royal Majesty Chibuzor Jane Nnadozie) has deemed it fit to advice them to make peace.

She is a peace maker; she is a lovely woman, beauty with brain, and amazing Igbo woman. We are not surprised that Asa Igbo said this, and we are confident that she will go extra mile to talk to these two celebrities or bring them to a dialogue table and iron out the issues. Being a seasoned diplomat, actress and beauty queen, she has been doing it for some time now.

Kudos for making such a great move Asa Igbo 2014/15!

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Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

That’s cunning of her…!
God bless

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

Wiz en Linda shld let the bygone be en move on.. dey should stop embarrassing their selfs. Dey shld both growup

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

I think they should heed the clarion call.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Hmmm at first ah thought this was a joke but the message is getting clearer. Asa Igbo is really a wonderful woman for her to seek peace for this two. Ah just hope they’ll both come together and make amends and continue with their different calling…


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