LeBron James Signs $154M LA Lakers Contract, See What Celebs And Athletes are Saying


LeBron James Signs $154M LA Lakers Contract, See What Celebs And Athletes are Saying

LeBron has signed a four year contract with the LA Lakers for $154 million, and fans are freaking out! Athletes and celebrities alike are rejoicing over the news on social media, and it sounds like the NBA star is going to get a warm welcome on this coast. “I am sure the Lakernation is rejoicing The acquisition of LeBron James means that the Lakers are just a smidgen away from being real contenders. Congrats to @MagicJohnson & @LALakersLive et al. Cross your fingers for news from San Antonio,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tweeted.


“Welcome to the family @KingJames #lakers4life #striveforgreatness @JeanieBuss @MagicJohnson and RP well done!!! 🙌🏾,” Kobe Bryant added. Chrissy Teigen had our favorite reaction of all! “@KingJames welcome to LA! Friday is sunset rosé, laser facials on Monday. the rest of the week is running into people you don’t like at soho house,” she wrote. She’s so on point!

The Sports Illustrated stunner actually was the one who initially let the cat out of the bag, too. “I’m at a small embroidery shop in downtown LA and lebron is here with a blank Lakers jersey? Trying to get a pic,” she shared on her feed before the news became public.

Even the Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t contain his excitement. “LeBron welcome to Los Angeles. This is so exciting to be coming to the City of Stars and you’re without any doubt going to be the biggest star of all. On the court and off the court. I love it,” he said in a video message.

Let Bron Bron hysteria begin!

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