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Latest on the boy that was poured hot water a landlord


Latest on the boy that was poured hot water a landlord

Yesterday We brought you news on the little boy who the landlord where he lives with his guardian poured hot water on him. The little boy has been identified as Daniel Edet Inyang. He is currently recieving treatment in Atan Ete Mbakara village in Odukpani local government area of Cross River State.
The matter have been reported to the Police in Odukpani but no action have being taken yet. Daniel is not responding to treatment as his body is still covered with Gentian Violet.


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Barrister Eno Iyamba a human right counsel in calabar had this to say about the wicked act:

“I had the privilege of sighting the photos of the injuries on the young lad; they are horrible and unpleasant to behold. The action of the so called landlord is a demonstration of the height of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. This is a clear case of attempted murder. It is however unfortunate that the police in Odukpani where the case is said to have been incidented, simply glossed over it and did nothing. The police and other security agencies in the State have a fundamental duty to make the State children friendly. They must come to terms with the fact that there is a law known as the Child’s Rights Law of Cross River State, 2009. Children have a right to adequate protection and care, and not to be abused on flimsy and unsubstantiated grounds. I call on the police in the State to immediately arrest the perpetrator of this wicked and inhuman act to answer for his crime. Assuming the young boy indeed stole as alleged, it is criminal on the part of the landlord to take laws into his hands. There is absolutely no justification for this gruesome act”

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Adukpe Gloria
Adukpe Gloria

This is serious, humans are so wicked why would someone in his or her right sense do such, no matter what did child has committed its not enough for him to pour the poor child hot water

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Oh my this is real wickedness, i wonder what this innocent child could have done to deserve such wickedness. There is surely no need for the wicked…

Emerald persis
Emerald persis

OMG…. How cruel… This is so unfair


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