Lagos airport official allegedly assaults traveler who refused to give her Xmas gift


Lagos airport official allegedly assaults traveler who refused to give her Xmas gift

A security personnel at the Lagos airport has been accused of assault by a traveler who claimed she demanded for Xmas gift.

According to the victim identified as Nwosu, “This incident happened at the Murtala Muhammed Local Airport yesterday morning. My family and I were trying to board a flight to Enugu and I was assaulted by an airport official.

At the security screening checkpoint , my handbag and my backpack were screened and just as I was about to retrieve them and proceed to boarding, an official with the name “Oluremi O.M” gave me a coy smile and said “compliments of the season ma” I replied and wished her the same.


I was trying to gather all our stuff and hand them to my siblings respectively. We were really in a hurry. She went on further to ask for money for “Christmas” I dismissed it politely and told her next time, as I was not in the mood for any of that due to the fact that my flight was boarding already and I was late.

This lady became upset that I didn’t offer her any money for “Christmas” Immediately she straightened her face and accused me of having liquids inside my backpack.

In her bid to spite me, she started ransacking my bags and took out some of my toiletries and said I had to go back to check them in. I was willing to forego them. I took my bags and started walking away. Only for her to hiss after I left and called me an idiot.

I couldn’t take that. I didn’t hear her say it but my mother did and we all went to confront her and I tried to get a good picture of her and a video of the scene (because she still had the nerve to get defensive) Whilst at it, a certain fat colleague of hers assaulted me physically. Because of money for Christmas???

It is quite disappointing how corrupt and vicious this woman is. Using her uniform and position to try to bully me and extort money from me and I’m very sure I’m not the only one she has done this to. It was a very unpleasant experience.”

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