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Ladies tell BankyW that God said he is their husband


Ladies tell BankyW that God said he is their husband

Ladies tell BankyW that God said he is their husband

The marriage shaming prank on Banky W is getting out of hand. For crying out loud the guy is known as Mr Capable so he is very much capable of searching for his missing rip. By the way it’s not everybody that their rips are not complete. some people are born without missing rips. Hence, they will not get married.

Fan have moved the Shaming prank to another level by claiming God told them that they are his husband. The popular RnB singer in a series of videos on Snapchat shared crazy messages ladies sent to him claiming God said.

Banky W had this to say to the people bothering him about marriage and to singles facing similar pressure



“If God tells you that somebody is your husband or wife, let God tell that person too. Don’t be the person to speak for God, let God speak for you. Recently I’ve been getting of lot of people saying “You’re my husband, God said I’m your wife”.. It’s a lie. Because God told me nothing about you. God needs to tell me himself.”

“Also can we please chill/stop with the marriage shaming? Please, abeg it’s enough. Single People – The same people who are putting pressure on you to marry will be the same talking about you and mocking you if the marriage fails. Don’t rush for anybody. Do it at the right time with the right person for you and everything will hopefully work out, by God’s grace.”

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hamzat nurudeen hamzat
hamzat nurudeen hamzat

lolz,,,,, unbelievable

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

My brother it sometimes happen like that…

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Anthony Dugbo

They should let hin be na! Na by force?


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