Kim Kardashian is set to Launch her Beauty Product Line


Kim Kardashian is set to Launch her Beauty Product Line

Kim Kardashian announced yesterday that she’s launching a KKW beauty line on June 21st, and people were quick to accuse her of stealing her younger sister’s thunder.

“I’m so excited to announce to you guys that I’m launching KKW Beauty. I really think you guys are gonna love it. I worked so hard on this, and we’re launching first with a contour product. It’s like a collection of cream contours. So get ready to be contoured,” she said on social media.

The reality star knows a thing or two about building an empire, which is why she was one of the keynote speakers at the annual Forbes Women’s Summit in NYC yesterday. The E! starlet discussed her rise to fame, her haters, and much more after coming in at #47 on the mag’s highest paid celebrities list.

“I obviously have made my fair share of mistakes like everyone else, but I hope to never repeat those mistakes, and just learn from what I’ve done. So if people, or young girls, or kids can look up to just someone that works really hard, and focuses on really what I want, and makes that happen, then you know I hope that inspires them,” she told theAP.


“We’ve built this brand, and I’m so proud of it. For everyone saying I have no talent, you know, I think I wrote, ‘Not bad for a girl with no talent,'” she quipped.

It’s her world, we’re just livin’ in it!

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