Kim Kardashian Sends Valentine’s Day Gifts To Her “Haters,” See list of her Haters


Kim Kardashian Sends Valentine’s Day Gifts To Her “Haters,” See list of her Haters

Kim Kardashian has had more than a few feuds with people in her day, and now she’s poking fun at the beef by sending her “haters” her new Kimoji Hearts Fragrance Collection box as a Valentine’s Day gift!

Her enemies aren’t the only ones receiving the packages, though! Celeb pals like Chrissy Teigen and Paris Hilton, along with her sisters, were also on her delivery list.


“Alright guys, I am writing a list for my press boxes, I am going to send way more than this. But I decided, for this Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a Valentine. So I am going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of. Because it’s Valentine’s Day after all,” she said on her Instagram stories on Thursday.

Among the chosen on her bad side? Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna, Chloe Grace Moretz, Piers Morgan, Naya Rivera, Bette Midler, Wendy Williams, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Pink, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Blac Chyna’s present already arrived, and she didn’t find it funny in the slightest!

“Chyna got the delivery, and she thinks Kim is a petty b***h. She treated it the same way she treated the gingerbread house, she smashed it,” a source close to Rob’s baby mama told Radar.

“Chyna hates Kim and she was really offended by the stupid Valentine. Chyna thought it was a mean stunt. She was afraid it was a bomb when she first got it. She wasn’t sure it was going to be just a present. Chyna wanted to call Rob and go over and confront Kim, but she didn’t. The Valentine was another example of the dirty tricks that whole family plays,” the source added.

Kimmy K used to be all about the high road, but not anymore!

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