Kim Kardashian Kicks It In Her Closet In A G-String (See Photos)


Kim Kardashian Kicks It In Her Closet In A G-String (See Photos)



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Kim Kardashian posted this Instagram of herself hanging out in the closet wearing nothing but a bra and a G-string today.

Her waist-to-hip proportions are downright insane! Her secret to toning up? Cheating on her diet! Yes, you read that right… “My trainer, Mel, instructs that you should schedule a cheat meal about once every 10 days. This way you won’t lose any of the progress you’ve made at the gym… When you do them too often, your body’s hormones are thrown off. Your testosterone, which is a muscle-making and fat-loss hormone, can change if you’re eating too many calories, which can make you gain weight,” she recently wrote on her website. “You can still enjoy your favorite food, as long as you get back on track the next day.

Cheat meals work best when you avoid alcohol, since they’re empty calories filled with sugar. This part is easy for me since I don’t really drink — which means I can just have an extra doughnut or two. Kidding! I do have a sweet tooth, though, so normally my cheat meals are desserts or other sweets,” she added.

Kanye is a very lucky man!

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