Between Kate Henshaw and Rob Nuttal, who is the cheat?


Between Kate Henshaw and Rob Nuttal, who is the cheat?

One of the most common accusations you will hear from married couples whenever they want to separate is accusations about cheating and infidelity. The same was the case when Kate Henshaw Nuttal had problems with her former husband, Mr. Rob Nuttal, which eventually led to their divorce. However, the question is, between Rob and Kate, who cheated on who.

Now, a friend of mine who has a penchant for generalizations has posited that it must be Kate, since people from her hometown are known to be so inclined to the things of the waist. But I see this as a generalization too much. So, we will look at the information on hand and decide.

The story has it that Mr. Nuttal was dating one Angela Gordon. At the time of the relationship Angela was only 24 and she worked in the same office with Mr. Nuttal. She is from the south southern part of the country and is very pretty. It was gathered that Angela’s mum was the main architect of the relationship, as she fanned it from all angles. Though the reasons for her instigation of the relationship have not been ascertained, it may not be unconnected to monetary gains from the white man.

It was revealed that one of the staffs in the firm reported the relationship to Kate when it was obvious that the relationship was getting out of hand.  However, when Kate took things into her hand and stormed the husband’s office unannounced, she found the man in an uncompromising position with the said young lady. However the camel’s back was broken when Kate’s husband confirmed the relationship to the wife and told her to quite their marriage if she can’t bear the relationship with the younger woman.


However, on the part of Kate, it was gathered that she dated a plethora of men while her marriage with Rod Nuttal lasted, under the guide of official relationship. People who were fingered in the relationships were Basketmouth, former governors Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and Donald Duke of Cross River State. This is said to be the reason why the husband was eager to call her blushes when she caught him with Angela. This was confirmed when one of the husbands friend’s known as Keith Richards explained that Kate complained to him that the husband was not having enough time for her.

The question now is, who was the cheat among the duo, or were they all cheating on each other at the same time?

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Between Kate Henshaw and Rob Nuttal, who is the cheat

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Ah think both of them cheated on themselves, for me they need to blame themselves…

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

They both lack sincerity especially mr Nutal