Kanye Isn’t Letting Mental Breakdown Rumors Keep Him From Doing His Thang!


Kanye Isn’t Letting Mental Breakdown Rumors Keep Him From Doing His Thang!

Kanye has made quite the splash this week with his tweets and declarations of love for Donald Trump, and while wife Kim jumped on social media to slam the reports he’s headed for a mental breakdown, privately the K clan is preparing for the worst.

Kris Jenner, in particular, is worried about how the rapper’s behavior is affecting their brand.

A source tells X17:

“The whole family knows there’s no way to control Kanye, and that any attempts to do so will just make him even more of a problem. This latest incident of him going after John Legend, though, is troubling to them all. They feel that if he’s willing to put a close friend of the family on blast, there’s no telling what he could do next. They don’t want to run around cleaning up his messes for very much longer, they have their own careers and lives to take care of.”


Kimmy K has mixed feelings about the whole situation, as she loves his independent thinking and creativity, but has had to readjust what she expects from a relationship.

According to another source:

“In every one of Kim’s previous relationships, she’s called all the shots. With Kanye, she’s had to do a lot more compromising and bending, and it makes her uneasy. She’s a natural control freak, and he’s made it clear he’s not going to be her puppet. She has told him she doesn’t mind him stirring up some controversy, but that she needs reassurance he’s taking care of himself, sleeping well, and taking his medication, so he doesn’t have another embarrassing breakdown and land in the hospital.”

‘Ye has managed to do something Bruce, Lamar, Scott, and Rob could not… and that’s keeping the K ladies from cutting off his balls!

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