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ISIS Beheads Another American Journalist Steven Sotloff


ISIS Beheads Another American Journalist Steven Sotloff

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The ISIS terror group has published a video titled “A second message
to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven

The video also threatens the life of British captive, David Haines.
Sotloff speaks to the camera before he is killed, saying he is “paying the price” for U.S. intervention.
The masked ISIS figure in
the video speaks to U.S. President Barack Obama, telling him, “Just as
your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to
strike the necks of your people.”
Speaking on CNN moments
after word of the Sotloff’s murder, CNN’s terrorism analyst Paul
Cruickshank said that the method of killing — beheading — has a specific
purpose for ISIS.
A video like the one
showing Sotloff’s killing “really energizes” supporters of ISIS and
beheading is employed for “maximum propaganda” to “terrify” ISIS’
enemies, Cruickshank said.
Last week, Sotloff’s mother Shirley Sotloff released a video pleading with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to kill her son.
“Steven is a journalist
who traveled to the Middle East to cover the suffering of Muslims at the
hands of tyrants. Steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and
grandson,” she said. “He is an honorable man and has always tried to
help the weak.”
Sotloff appeared last
month in an ISIS video showing the decapitation of another American
journalist, James Foley. The militant in the video warned that Sotloff’s
fate depended on what President Barack Obama did next in Iraq.
Steven Sotloff
disappeared while reporting from Syria in August 2013, but his family
kept the news secret, fearing harm to him if they went public.
Out of public view, the family and a number of government agencies have been trying to gain Sotloff’s release for the past year.
Steven Sotloff, far left, speaks with rebels in Misrata, Libya, in June 2011.
Sotloff, 31, grew up in
South Florida with his mother, father and younger sister. He majored in
journalism at the University of Central Florida. His personal Facebook
page lists musicians like the Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Miles Davis and
movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The Big Lebowski” as favorites.
On his Twitter page, he playfully identifies himself as a “stand-up
philosopher from Miami.”
In 2004, Sotloff left UCF and moved back to the Miami area.
He graduated from
another college, began taking Arabic classes and subsequently picked up
freelance writing work for a number of publications, including Time,
Foreign Policy, World Affairs and the Christian Science Monitor. His
travels took him to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey — among other
countries — and eventually Syria.
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour said that Sotloff’s killing will step up pressure on Obama to devise a strategy to combat ISIS.
On Friday, Obama said
it’s too soon to discuss what steps the U.S. would take against the
militant group inside Syria. On how to deal with the group in Syria —
where it was born and has a safe haven, mostly in the city of Raqqa —
the president said: “We don’t have a strategy yet.”
Obama said on Friday that he has asked America’s top defense officials to prepare “a range of options.”
On Tuesday, White House spokesman John Earnest spoke to reporters in the moments after word came about Sotloff’s killing.
“This is something that
the administration has obviously been watching very carefully since this
threat against Mr. Sotloff’s life was originally made a few weeks ago,”
Earnest said. “Our thoughts and prayers first and foremost are with Mr.
Sotloff and Mr. Sotloff’s family and those who worked with him.”

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may his soul rest in peace


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