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Is Tiwa Savage a Humongous Liar?


Is Tiwa Savage a Humongous Liar?

Is Tiwa Savage a Humongous Liar?

It has been two weeks of troubles for Tiwa Savage and her hubby, or should I say former hubby since Tiwa has admitted that the marriage will no longer work. Now, the area that captures me most in the whole saga is the area where the man is said to be feeding off her. The story in the public domain is that Tee Billz who was Tiwa’s husband exhibited the normal character of many Yoruba men who get married to women, resort to drinking and smoking and abandonee the family for their wives to run and fend for. This is easy to assimilate, owing to the fact that this trend has been running in the southwest for a very long time, though not all their men can be accused of this.

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In corroborating this lifestyle in Tee Billz, Tiwa Savage made the following statements,

“Since my son has been born, TJ has not spent one naira. I paid for the hospital bills, I paid for his flight to come to London, I paid for the apartment we stayed for two months, the clothes, the nursery, the grocery. Even when we were in London we didn’t just go shopping for my son, we shopped for TJ as well so that when we come back to Nigeria he’ll have new things because his excuse most times is, ‘I don’t have money, I don’t have money…”

She further accused him saying,

“I wanted to save my marriage by separating the business from the home, but TJ loves to keep up with the life, he wants to live a life that’s not true without a steady income. He went to buy a car that he knew he couldn’t afford, and I ended up paying the balance of about N3M and he says I took away his manhood because he doesn’t want people to know am the breadwinner.”

However, there is another angle to this that keeps me wondering. It is still the same Tiwa Savage, probably to balance the equation who said,

Tiwa pic

“I’ll never discredit or take away the fact that TJ hustled for me; I’ll never deny that he worked hard for me or that he believed in me”.

This gets me thinking. Did TJ become lazy and squandamonious after marrying Tiwa? Because she is also the person that put up this picture when the going was sweet,

So, is Tiwa lying in all of this?

Tiwa and Tee Blizz

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Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

This is serious….! olly God can judge between spouses… I never believed all she said at the initial stage…Cos one can’t judge with one side of a story.

Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

I hate when I see couples having issues to the extend of braking up…
I hope dey can patch up things en let the bygone be…

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Ah support you Mr talkless, married couples should not just breakup because of little issue, its natural to have problems in marriage cause we are all imperfect and are prone to making mistakes. They both should find a way and fix their mess, life goes on…


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