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Is Former President Bill Clinton going to have a Grandson?


Is Former President Bill Clinton going to have a Grandson?

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Clinton and his wife, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
hasn’t revealed the gender of the child she’s expecting, but, in an
interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City, the former president may have let slip that his daughter is having a son.
During the interview – which covered a wide range of topics, including security at the White House in wake of a recent highly publicized breach – Stephanopoulos asked Clinton about “grandfather watch,” asking Clinton what he most wanted to teach his new grandchild.

replied: “I want my grandson…” and he paused, adding – “or
granddaughter –,” and at that point Stephanopoulos interrupted, saying
he thought the president may have revealed the news.
“No no no. I’m proud of my son-in-law and my daughter for not wanting to know,” Clinton said, referring to the baby’s gender.
And, speaking of the baby, he
said: “I want them to get up every day and look at the world with wonder
and reverence. I want them to respect everyone they meet, whatever
their background … .”
He also
said he wanted the child to “really love being alive … And when they
grow up, I want them to believe they have certain obligations to people
who don’t have all the opportunities they’ll have …,” he said.

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3 Comments on "Is Former President Bill Clinton going to have a Grandson?"

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chinomso Nzeogu
chinomso Nzeogu

He taught of having a Son, but has God spoken?

Victor Ndah

To have either a granddaughter or a grandson is not easy but kudos to him that he'll soon be a grandpa


congrate to him


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