INNOSON VS GTB; The True Story You Must Know


INNOSON VS GTB; The True Story You Must Know

Facts Behind Figures; How The Battle Between Innoson and GTB Started

The perfection of a man is based on his ability to distinguish between facts and fiction through deductive reasoning. Socrates


There have been many counter narratives on the reason why EFCC arrested Innoson and equally we have seen GTB response on its running battle with Innoson and his company Innoson Nigeria Ltd.

In a saner society, the company secretary of GTB should have resigned by now and apologize to the Board of Trustees and Shareholders of the bank, because every legal advice and decision it gave to GTB backfired, thereby putting the bank in harms-way.

According to C.P Scott “Comments are free but facts are sacred”. Now that this fight has become an open issue and the public is yearning to know the truth concerning the issue Innoson has with GTB, starting from tomorrow I will in a three (3) part series of articles reveal to Nigerians and the world what really happened.

Stay Tuned.

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