Hired protesters who want Amnesty International to leave Nigeria, pictured sharing money


Hired protesters who want Amnesty International to leave Nigeria, pictured sharing money

Protesters on Monday barricaded the Abuja office of Amnesty International, demanding the international organisation leave Nigeria within the next 24 hours. The protesters were, however, caught sharing money, today, after their outing.


Addressing the protest, on Monday, Executive Director Global Peace and Rescue Initiative( GOPRI), Comrade Melvin Ejeh, said if in the next 24 hours Amnesty International does not shut down its operations in Nigeria and leave the country the group, as well as other Nigerians, shall begin a Five-Day Occupy Amnesty International Protest as a first warning.

He said, “Let us warn at this point that there will be no interval of respite if AI failed to leave Nigeria at the end of the five days as we will activate other more profound options to make them leave Nigeria.

We, therefore, use this opportunity to call on Nigerians to join the movement to get this evil out of our land before it plunges us into a real war.”

According to Ejeh, well-respected organisations including the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Global Amnesty Watch have condemned the recent report by Amnesty International which alleged human rights abuses by Nigerian security agencies against arrested Boko Haram suspects.

He said the deliberate attempt by the Amnesty International to indict the security agencies working day and night to restore peace in troubled parts of the country without condemning the heinous crimes committed by Boko Haram terrorists proves that the international organisation has ulterior motives.

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