Health Concerns: Four Leading Causes Of Death In Canada


Health Concerns: Four Leading Causes Of Death In Canada

There’s no denying the fact that Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Its population is however, not free of diseases. These disease conditions range from mild to severe. While the former does not put any strain on the health system, the later constitutes Canada’s major health concerns. Severe disease conditions are harder to treat and very often they lead to death.

Here are the most common health concerns in Canada.

1. Cancer
Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada and other developed countries of the world. According to statistics, two out of five Canadians will develop this disease. Although, advancements in medicine has led to a reduction in the number of deaths associated with prostate, breast and stomach cancers, Canada has a long way to go in defeating the disease.
Every year, it is estimated that more than 75,000 Canadians die from the disease with lung and colorectal cancers accounting for about 40 percent of all cancer deaths.
Liver Cancer is particularly on the rise in Canada and its development has been linked to alcohol use, diabetes, obesity and hepatitis.


2. Diabetes
Diabetes is one of the leading health concerns in Canada because it has no cure and children also suffer from the disease. While it is true that the disease can be managed, diabetic patients are at risk of developing heart disease. Obesity, diet and inactivity are some of the reasons why diabetes is on the rise in Canada.

3. Cardiovascular Disease
More than 8% of the Canadian population suffer from this disease that affects the heart and blood vessels. While it can be managed, the disease increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Both men and women die from cardiovascular disease. However certain factors contribute to its occurrence and these include age, family history, race and lifestyle.

4. Mental Illness
The Canadian Mental Health Association says that 20% of Canadians experience some form of mental illness at some point in their life. There are differents types of mental conditions and it can affect people of different ages. Family history, stress, substance abuse, and personal experiences are some of the causes of mental illnesses in Canada. It is pertinent to know that depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness and it can lead to suicide.

The Canadian health sector is working hard to tackle these health concerns.
What do you think people can do to reduce the risk of developing these diseases? We will like to hear your suggestions in the comment box.

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