Harrysong !! The Best Way to Be a Brand Ambassador


Harrysong !! The Best Way to Be a Brand Ambassador

Late last year, the crooner of Reggae Blues woke the entire nation up with a song that many people danced even when they did not understand what it meant. When the young man was dong the music, he was only thinking of getting people to dance and be happy. He slotted the name of one of Nigeria’s popular sausage brands without anything in mind. But little did he know that he was about landing himself a very mouthwatering and lucrative endorsement deal, probably the most popular endorsement deal in recent times.

When he was interviewed about the whole deal, he has these to say……….

How does it feel being Gala sausage ambassador?

I am the first and the only Gala ambassador. It is a new one for me and it is big. I am excited about it. They took me to their factory. I saw their plans for 2016 and felt good about it. I have been eating Gala sausage but they have new spices and things added to it. They are bringing more things on board. I felt good about the new development. I will make sure the product gets to the masses. I will also testify about the good product to people.

What is the link between the song and your endorsement?

Reggae Blues is a happy song. Where I said share the Gala, share the goods, I mean, you should be happy I just used Gala to code the party. I didn’t see an endorsement coming. I just sang the song to be happy. The whole song is about being happy. It has brought a lot of positive vibes.

How juicy is the deal and how long is it?

I am sorry but I cannot disclose how much it is worth and is expected to last for a year. It is also renewable.


However, the high point of the whole saga was when the Reggae Blues crooner moved away from the traditional brand ambassadorial role of attending lunch, dinner and exotic events, hosting talk and entertainment shows, and featuring in the brand’s adverts. Rather, in fulfillment of his pledge that he will make sure that the product gets to the masses, he went into the streets of Lagos to preach the gospel of Gala to the entire populace by sharing free Gala from car to car in traffic. This is what I consider being a real brand ambassador. This is what I call working for the endorsement money and not just presenting your face with the product on your hands.

Harrysong as Gala sausage ambassador

When he was interviewed about this singular act, he said,

“I was not only on the street of Lagos, sharing gala to my fans as I moved from car to car but I also visited the factory to inspect how the Gala sausage rolls are made. Everyone was happy to show me round the whole factory and I had a great time with the team. It is my duty to make sure Nigerians get the best from Gala”.

Harrysong - Baba for the Girls

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Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson
4 years ago

Hahahaha that’s so hilarious, and he is even putting on his baba for the girls T-shirt, he should have worn one of the Gala’s T-Shirt na, nice to see him taking the lead though…

Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo
4 years ago

Congrats Harrysong! Hardwork pays!

4 years ago

Comment…his a good philanthropist. Love
u bruh d sky is ur starting point keep it up.