Grandma breaks the arm and leg of her 4-year-old step granddaughter, for urinating on prayer mat


Grandma breaks the arm and leg of her 4-year-old step granddaughter, for urinating on prayer mat

Risikat Fayomi has been brutalised by her step grandmother, Ayinke, aka Iya Adijat, on Canaan Land Estate, Matogun, Ogun State. Risikat had been locked up in a room when a passerby heard her groaning with pain.

Efforts by residents, who besieged the house, to gain entrance were futile, as the doors and windows were locked. It took the intervention of policemen from the Ajuwon division before the doors could be broken and the victim rescued.


She was said to have been rushed to Tamara Medical Centre, Ajuwon Road, Akute. Nurses and doctors, at the hospital, battled for three days to save Risikat’s life as she had been incapacitated by the torture.

When Punchng visited the hospital, Risikat was seen singing in Yoruba. “Mo dupe mo fiyin foluwa; a o tori mi raja lowo baba oniposi; mo dope mo fiyin foluwa (I give praise to God that nobody patronised the coffin dealer because of me),” she sang.

A doctor at the hospital, said Risikat had been singing the song since she regained her strength. He said, “She still feels a lot of pain when you touch the arm and leg. “We have decided to transfer her to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, in Lagos. Since she was brought here on March 3, we have been spending our money to treat her.”

A nurse at the hospital said Risikat also suffered malnutrition. She explained that the hospital had also been responsible for her feeding, adding that her relatives had not shown any concern.

“Whenever we asked her if she would return home, she would start crying and begging that she did not want to go back home,” she added.

Her mother abandoned her with the father when she was barely one year old. And since the girl’s father is motherless and did not have a stable job, he in turn took her to the grandfather.

Ayinke is her step grandmother and the community have started a manhunt for her. Risikat’s father, Abass, a 25-year-old tipper driver, showed up at the hospital on Friday to see his daughter.

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