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Gender Pay Gap: UK’s Biggest Offenders


Gender Pay Gap: UK’s Biggest Offenders

Gender Pay Gap: UK’s Biggest Offenders

Gender inequality in the workplace may not be the most widely discussed topic but it remains a big problem in the UK. It is quite embarrassing to know that the UK has one of the worst gender pay gap records in the world. Women who find themselves in male dominated industries are those who suffer the most from this very unfortunate predicament.
With men dominating the top ranks of most industries, women are left in junior roles even when they are qualified to handle weightier responsibilities. The implication of workplace inequality is a wide gap in basic salary and allowances for male and female employees.

Here are the industries with the worst gender pay gaps in the UK.

1. Construction
The construction industry is known to have only a few women in it’s workforce. Since construction has always been seen as a male orientated job, women in this industry are rarely given the opportunity to receive training which could pave way for promotions. The men in this sector are often seen as more qualified for leadership positions than the women are. For this reason the former are entitled to a higher pay.

2. Airlines
The airline industry is a big employer of labour and employees especially pilots are well paid. Unfortunately, most of these pilots are men. Women are often employed as cabin crew staff and
these roles pay less. Although, Female pilots in the aviation industry are very small in number compared to male pilots, they are given the same treatment. Most airlines report that male and female pilots receive the same salary. Obviously, the pay gap in the aviation industry is not between men and women occupying the same position. Rather it is as a result of the scarcity of female pilots in the industry.

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