Four Reasons Why Erigga is Currently Nigeria’s Best Rapper


Four Reasons Why Erigga is Currently Nigeria’s Best Rapper

Erigga Agarivbie popularly known by his stage name Erigga is a rap artist with a difference. He hails from Delta state and was born in Warri on the 30th of March 1987. The first of five children, Erigga was raised by a single mother. He began his musical career in 2010 and he is presently signed to Emirate Empire. Since Erigga came into limelight, all he has done is ditch out mind blowing bangers that leave his listeners in awe. He has worked with some notable Nigerian artist like Duncan Mighty, Orezi, Harrysongs, Olamide and Scales.

Here are four reasons why we believe Erigga is Nigeria’s number one rap artist.

He stays true to his root
The Nigeria music industry of today is full of artist who do nothing but copy the art and style of their contemporaries. Just a few artist have succeeded in creating a brand that is unique and true. Erigga is one of those artist who stand out from the crowd. He is true to his roots. His songs are a reflection of his values and aspirations.


His songs send a message
For many people, rap music is simply noise with meaningless lyrics. Some say that it is a total waste of time to listen to a music whose lyrics you can neither understand nor learn. Well, most of Erigga’s songs tell stories of everyday struggles in Nigeria most of which an average Nigerian can relate to.

He Speaks To The Street
Erigga is what some will describe as a “street boy” and indeed his songs talk about life in the street. This sensational musician uses his voice to inspire those in the streets who are working hard to get a better life for themselves. The song ‘kettle’ which is his latest release teaches every “street hustler” a vital lesson; what works for another person may not work for you. Choose your own path and act wisely!

His Songs Have Received Nationwide Recognition
Erigga’s first musical release titled “Mo Street Gan” was Radio Continental’s theme song. The music video of his song “Coupé Décalé ft Shuun Bebe” released in 2013 was endorsed by TV stations in Nigeria. Erigga was nominated for lyricist on the roll and album of the year at the Headies. Although he came short of the award, he is not backing down. He has since released two hit single including motivation and kettle.

Erigga has many hits to his credit. Let us know your favourite Erigga song in the comment section.

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