Four Canadian Cities You Shouldn’t Visit At Night


Four Canadian Cities You Shouldn’t Visit At Night

Don’t let your heart skip just yet!
Canada is not a dangerous country. In fact, it is one of the safest places to be in the world. This does not however, mean that there are no records of criminal activities in the country. While some cities record a low crime rate, others have an alarming record of crime. These are the cities you don’t want to visit at night.

Consider the following:


1) North Battleford, Saskatchewan
This small city with a population of 14,535 is Canada’s most dangerous city. If you are visiting this city, ensure you make it back to your room before it’s nightfall. North Battlefield tops the charts for youth crime, breaking and entering, and firearm offences.

2) Dorval, Quebec
Sure, this city is not known for crime but it never sleeps. Everyone seems to be active 24/7. Surprisingly, Dorval residents love their city just the way it is. For many of them, moving out of the city is not an option. If you love a peaceful, quite sleep at night like we do, then this city is not for you.

3) Thompson, Manitoba
This city has almost the same crime rate as North Battleford. The most prevalent crimes in this city include violent crimes, assault, homicide, cannabis and cocaine trafficking. If you need to be in Thompson Manitoba, don’t go looking for fun at night.

4) St John’s, Newfoundland
St John’s boast of an active nightlife with
a lot of pubs and bars in the city. If you find yourself in this city in the last week of July or early in August, you will definitely have a lot of fun but you won’t sleep. The famous George Street Festival makes the place rowdy all day long.

Canada is a fun place to be but even fun lovers need to sleep. Do you know any city in Canada with an awesome nightlife? We will like to hear from you.

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