First Ever NYSC KING Surprises Mom at Ochanja Market (See Photos)


First Ever NYSC KING Surprises Mom at Ochanja Market

NyscPOP #MamaWeMadeIt . His NyscExperience Ended on Thursday 25th of July 2019 with a surprise entrance to his #MothersShop as the #IgweNYSC1 with his #Squad. So he took it (His Nysc Certificate) to the street where it all started. #WoliwoGhetto #AnambraState. When he stormed her mother’s shop, her neighbors where hailing him igweee! , she (his mother) sighted him from a distance but didn’t recognize who was coming, so she bent & was busy selling her thing (corn, tomatoe pepper), in some seconds oh my God is my son, she stood up, she was shocked,she paused, she was stable, she was stagnant, she was still, she froze. She lost it at the moment, (in his mind, mama please don’t faint oo 😂😂). even his #YoungerSister who sat beside her knows his brother is crazy with concepts but didn’t see this 1 coming #NyscKing1 😀. There was joy, happiness, fulfilment. He removed his cap, bowed to the mother who gave birth to the king. She robs his back. She says “Finally you made it, but he said ” no mama, We Made it. Ur prayers, encouragement & ur support pulled me through. Even when I gave up on going for service after some years of graduation, but now I know all things worketh together for good. More is coming mama. I know #Dad is happy now” Oh tears. He gave the mother his certificate , she waves it up and shouted Hallelujah oo!.

He dedicated his certificate also to his cousin brothers who truly supported his education financially, that he will never forget. He thanks his uncles who gave him 1yam, transport money, beans, cup of rice. For their 1 cups turned to 1bag that he didn’t die of hunger. He thanks his friends, Finally to his shuga, that one girl who stood, encouraged & persuaded him to please go for service so as to focus fully on his fashion career with other side hustle. “I never forget the little someone do for me” . People thought he was born into a wealthy family. Physically not at all but Spiritually yes!💪. Now it’s all coming out.💰.

He thanks his team who made this mad concept a success Franklin Obianuka, Edonwa Odiamma and Cynthia Okonkwo for ur wonderful kids and to his super super #Photographer Tony Charles for this awesome angle shots. For he captured the best moments. He thanks all for supporting this movement.. #ThatStylishTailor. He Made and styled his kïñg outfit himself. #OmeelinTheTailor


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