Family refused to attend my wedding because I married a physically challenged woman – Groom


Family refused to attend my wedding because I married a physically challenged woman – Groom

Isaac and Constance Obasogie got married on July 9, 2016 and their wedding pictures went viral. They talked about their story a recent chat with Kemiashefonlovehaven. Here is an excerpt:

Q: Where did you meet each other? .

Constance: In 2009 at the Delta State University, where we were undergraduates. Isaac came to check on my roommate. .


Isaac: As I was about leaving the room, the spirit of God told me, “Tell her that she can walk.” I told Nancy.

Q: I visited Nancy again and luckily, I met Constance. .

Constance: In the first semester of my 100 level, I missed a lot of classes due to this. So, Isaac volunteered to be taking me to and fro classes and church.

Q: Isaac, when you graduated, who was taking her? .

Isaac: I had to stay back in school after graduation so as to help her with her movement. I was exempted from national youth service and I was offered a job in school. I stayed back for two years. .

Q: What attracted her to you? .

Isaac: I can’t explain. First I saw a woman who is respectful. Character, to me, is beauty not the physical looks. Also, she won me over with the food she cooked. I asked her if she would be the mother of my children and she told me that she knew the first day I knocked on the door that I would be her husband. .

Q: When you told your parents that you were getting married, what was the reaction? .

Isaac: They said never! I told them that this is what God really wants for me. They said that I am the first son of 7 children and that it’s a shame to the family.

Q: Did they come for the wedding? .

Isaac: No, my parents and younger siblings didn’t. I have not called my father but I intend to apologise for disobeying him. .

Q: How did you feel when you didn’t see your in-laws at the wedding?

Constance: I felt sad but I know in this part of the world, it’s not easy accepting a condition like mine. I believe with time they will understand. I put myself and my parents in their shoes. With faith, we will conquer.

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My brother it’s your choice, not your family’s choice…