Fake rideshare driver accused of raping 7 women


Fake rideshare driver accused of raping 7 women


A 44-year-old California man has been arrested and accused of raping seven women while posing as a rideshare driver, KABC Los Angeles reported.

Nicholas Morales was arrested by Alhambra police following a string of sexual assaults over more than a year, authorities said.

Morales allegely attacked women in West Hollywood, Beveryly Hills and Los Angeles, police said. He would drive up to women who appeared intoxicated and ask if they’d requested a ride.

“As a woman, and as somebody who goes out at night in Hollywood, it’s scary,” Rachel Evans told KABC. “You know, when it’s 2 in the morning and you’re getting out of a bar, you’re not really looking at the license plate.”

Morales is being held in lieu of $10.3 million bail.

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