“Excess Luggage” would have. . . you rolling on the floor


Excess Luggage” would have. . . you rolling on the floor

Whether you’re a lover of slap stick comedy or not, Excess luggage would have you laughing out uncontrollably at some point in the movie. The scenes may be cliché but the story isn’t.

In “Excess Luggage,” an illiterate man and his family head to a church summit, but their car breaks down. They have no choice but to stay with an unfriendly but wealthy family member.

As with most slapstick comedy some scenes are very predictable like the strange reaction to the air conditioner and other electronic sets but don’t lose hope, the writer was creative with the scenes.

IK Ogbonna plays Eyinnanya, the illiterate man and he emboldens the character and delivers perfectly. It was refreshing to see him showcase his versatility and skills (stammering) as an actor.

Queen Nwokoye is his wife, Ugomma and she delivers nothing short of expectations. She helps keep the movie going. They are believable as a couple and the audience just falls in love with them despite their antics.

Mike Ezuruonye is, the wealthy and arrogant cousin to Eyinnanya. He is obsessed with his name “Douglas” and so we see him quarelling with his wife for calling him “Doug” and then the next minute he is at Eyinnanya’s neck for calling him, “Chukwudoro”.

Nikky Ufondu is Bianca, Douglas’ superficial and snobby wife who is very melodramatic and sees Eyinnanya and his wife as a “disease” but is constantly reminded by her husband that “they are family.” Nikky Ufondu doesn’t excite as this character and sometimes we can’t help but ask what is wrong with her voice.


Denrele Edun is Bianca’s P.A. He is even more of a drama queen than she is. His character seems far-fetched but the good thing that he portrays it well.

Lisa Omorodion is Douglas’ P. A. Her squints add to the movies’ humour and we can’t stop asking “what’s wrong with this one?” whenever she appears.

The children who played Chidera and Elvira are surprisingly good. They are not amazing but “they try” especially when we compare them to other child actors in nollywood who just read their lines, their faces blank.

The bad side of the movie is the flash back that introduces Fred Amata and Shaffy Bello as Douglas’ parents, it adds nothing to the movie and does nothing to further the story. Another bad side is the fact that Elvira as Douglas and Bianca’s daughter was introduced very late in the movie leaving the viewers confused when Chidera magically knows her name during their encounter early in the movie.

The ugly side of the movie would be the soundtrack and the subtitle. The soundtrack is a complete turn off, and it reminds one of the kind of nollywood movies we sometimes term “Asaba film”. More work should have gone into subtitling the movie.

What I disliked: The mushiness that came later in the movie. I think the movie should have just remained a comedy and forget the “marriage goals” preaching.

Favourite scene : The scene with Ugomma and Eyinnanya under the moonlight.

Favourite line: “happiness is not in this mansion, not in the village. . . happiness is inside you.”

Favourite characters : Ugomma (Queen Nwokoye) and Eyinnanya (IK Ogbonna)

Forget all I’ve just said, if you want to see a movie that would relieve you of all the stress we face as Nigerians go and see Excess Luggage. Excess Luggage would have you laughing so hard and rolling on the floor.

By Dika Ofoma, an intern with Linjust.com

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