“Ever since Trump won, it proved I could be president.” – Kanye west


“Ever since Trump won, it proved I could be president.” – Kanye west

“Ever since Trump won, it proved I could be president.” Uh … really?

Kanye dropped two tracks Friday night — “Lift Yourself” and “Ye vs The People,” featuring T.I.

The first one is so wack we can’t even imaging anyone actually listening to it — what kinda groove is that???!!!

“Ye vs The People” is more interesting in that West explains why he thinks Blacks in America are still being repressed in that they’re force to be politically liberal.


The lyrics go like this: “I know Obama was Heaven-sent / But ever since Trump won / It proved that I could be president. See that’s the problem with this damn nation / All blacks gotta be Democrats / Man, we ain’t made it off the plantation.”

And here’s where Ye gets real – he explains breaking out his MAGA cap, gives a nod to Jordan Peele’s Get Out with his “sunken place” reference and really just breaks it down for us: “Make America Great Again had a negative reception / I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction / Added empathy, care and love and affection / And y’all simply questionin’ my methods / You think I ain’t concerned about how I affect the past? / I mean, that hat stayed in my closet about a year and a half / Then one day I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’ma do me’ / I was in the sunken place and then I found the new me / Not worried about some image that I gotta keep up / Lot of people agree with me, but they’re too scared to speak up.”

How’d Kanye give MAGA a new direction? Where’s that love and affection he’s talking about? He needs to impart some of that sh*t to the man he supposedly shares “dragon energy” with! Now on to more positive things, Kanye and John Legend kissed and made up yesterday at Chrissy Teigen’s surprise baby shower, so THAT’S good .

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