Domestic violence victim shares daily selfies of battered face during recovery to inspire others


Domestic violence victim shares daily selfies of battered face during recovery to inspire others

A brave woman took selfies of her bruised and battered face over the course of a six weeks to document the shocking reality of domestic violence after being brutally attacked by her ex.

Caroline Way, 41, suffered a broken jaw and shattered eye socket when Deke Orriss, 39, left her so badly injured she needed her face rebuilt.

The businesswoman, from Axbridge, Somerset, started taking selfies as a way of dealing with her mental wounds and has decided to share them in the hope they can inspire other victims of domestic abuse.


Caroline also suffered a cracked eye socket, two black eyes and blurred vision after he throttled her until she almost passed out in the 2014 attack. She said Orriss had even grabbed a big kitchen knife and threatened to rape her before saying: “We are going upstairs to die now.”

In the days after the attack, as she lay in a hospital bed dealing with her physical wounds, she found a novel way to tackle the mental ones. She said: “I became a selfie queen. I used to take a picture of my face every day just to see it changing and how I was getting better.

I found it so therapeutic. This was a way of telling myself that because I could see my physical scars retreating, I knew my mental ones would too.

Caroline met Orriss in her home town of Axbridge, Somerset, when she was 30.
But when their relationship petered out in 2014, she let him stay in her home while he looked for somewhere else to live.

She started seeing other men, which raised the tension with her jealous ex. She said: “One night there was a tussle over my phone and he wanted to check it. I knocked him accidentally and he flipped.

He punched me so many times.” He was later arrested and sentenced to 18 months, suspended for two years. She now hopes her selfies will help other women find strength.

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