Domestic Violence: 88% of cases lack evidence — Lagos government


Domestic Violence: 88% of cases lack evidence — Lagos government

This is according to the state’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, DSVRT, coordinated by Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, to provide assistance to abuse victims.

A survey conducted showed that evidence for 88% of cases recorded within Lagos were either destroyed by the abuser or misplaced by the victim.

A report by the LASG in 2016 indicated that victims of the cases perpetrated within the period under review could not provide evidence that would assist the agency in court or in settling the case amicably between both spouses when the need arises.


This further led to 88% of husbands denying ever physically assaulting their wives. The report further disclosed that of the 20% domestic violence survivors, who had sought the assistance of the government agencies to get redress, 18% withdrew their cases from court.

It also disclosed that 85% of victims blamed third party interference which includes mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, igniting the domestic violence.

78% of the victims had reported their spouses to religious leaders to persuade them to desist from the act. But the abuser never stops, arguing that the spouse was involved in extra-marital affairs.

98% of the husbands stated that they attack their spouse because they believe she was having extra-marital affairs. On why they resort to abusing their wives, 70% of the perpetrators noted that they were survivors of verbal and emotional abuse while growing up.

The report also showed that while the abuse persists, efforts by government agencies to persuade the wife in leaving the home to prevent further abuse proved abortive.

The report indicated that the reason for this was because 90% of the women were financially dependent on their husbands. It argued that 74% of the victims were still interested in the relationship but all they demanded for was that the physical assaults should stop.

On why they are still interested in the relationship, the graphics showed that 98% of the abused wanted to remain in the relationship because of their children.

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