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Doctors`s Girlfriend Blames His Mistress for Poisoning Him


Doctors`s Girlfriend Blames His Mistress for Poisoning Him

Evette Toney, the girlfriend of Dr. George Blumenschein

The girlfriend of a Texas doctor allegedly poisoned by his lover
testified in court that her boyfriend suspected his mistress was
responsible but was afraid to contact authorities.

Evette Toney spent much of Tuesday testifying in a Houston courtroom
about how she found out her boyfriend, Dr. George Blumenschein, was
having an affair with a fellow cancer researcher, Dr. Ana
Gonzalez-Angulo, at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center. 
Gonzalez-Angulo is charged with aggravated assault after prosecutors say
she spiked Blumenschein’s coffee in 2013 with ethylene glycol, a
sweet-tasting chemical found in antifreeze. Prosecutors allege that
Gonzalez-Angulo poisoned the coffee after Blumenschein picked Toney over

Toney testified that shortly after Blumenschein was hospitalized
following his poisoning, he told her that he believed Gonzalez-Angulo
had poisoned him. But, Toney said, he told her to not tell anybody of
his suspicions because he feared Gonzalez-Angulo might hurt him again or
hurt Toney.
“At one point, George said, ‘Evette, do not poke the dragon,'” Toney said. 
The jury also saw cellphone video of Blumenschein in the hospital
waiting room as the poison in his body started to take its toll. The
video was shot by Toney, who recounted the agonizing pain Blumenschein
was going through. 

“I thought he was dying. I actually thought he was dying in front of me,” Toney said.
Toney, who had a miscarriage while Blumenschein was carrying on the
affair, said she has been his girlfriend for more than a decade. 
“I felt betrayed, I felt stupid,” Toney testified Tuesday. “It was more than anger. I felt betrayed.”
The prosecutor also pressed Toney on the nature of her relationship with Blumenschein and questioned why she was still with him. 
“Because I know the affair with the defendant is not the sum of who he really is,” Toney responded.
The poisoning left Blumenschein with permanent kidney
damage, according to testimony from doctors who treated him.
Gonzalez-Angulo has pleaded not guilty, but if convicted on the felony
charge of aggravated assault, she could spend the rest of her life in
Testimony was to resume on Wednesday in the trial, which began Sept. 15. Prosecutors expect to rest their case on Wednesday.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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it is a pity

Victor Ndah

Chinenyenwa did you just say pity??? To me its funny…


what a cruel world


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