DJ Obi Guinness Record breaker talks how he played for 229hrs:58mins


DJ Obi Guinness Record breaker talks how he played for 229 hrs : 58 mins 


Obinna Levi Ajuonuma a.k.a DJ Obi recently broke the record for the Longest Marathon Club DJing. The Previous record was held by a Polish DJ, Norberto Loco. He played for 200hours non-stop. Our very own DJ Obi played for 229 hours and 58mins. He planned to set a new record of 240hours but was advised by Medical officials to stop. He still broke the record and set a top-top record to break. There where rules in the game as much as you have in every other record breaking attempt.
Some of the rules are:

obi linjust

  • 5minutes break every 1hour.
  • You have to be dancing at all time.
  • You can only repeat a song after 4hours.
  • You are allowed daily medical checks, massages and vitamin doses.
    there are more rules. So it’s not beans.

Here are some excerpt from his interview with Guardian Newspaper today:

What inspired you to attempt to break the record?

I was tired of introducing myself to people (laughs) and I needed the perfect PR plan that would enable me not need to introduce myself(laughing). Honestly, it was one of the things that sparked it. Aside from that I use this global DJ hashtag on social media and I needed to embody this thing. In praying, thinking and talking about it, the idea came up to go for the Guinness World Record. I found out that there was a World Record for longest DJ set, so I thought I would give it a shot. I initially thought it was 4 days until I did my research and found out the previous record was 8 days.  I decided to do 10 days since I celebrated 10 years as a DJ December last year.


What was the reaction when you told people you were going to do this?

They didn’t believe me. They listened to me, but they didn’t take it seriously until it started happening. The extent to which they didn’t believe me was that some people actually forgot that I mentioned it until they saw it happening. Except for my family who believed in me and always supported me.

While attempting to break the old record and set a new one, we know you had some physical challenges like exhaustion and having hallucinations, none of which could have been easy.  What mental challenges did you face?

I am not a morning person. In the mornings I like to sit down and reflect, even when I am awake. I like to sit down at home, relaxing and reflecting on what I did and what I can do better. During the marathon I kept thinking that I was crazy, like ‘What was I thinking about?’, “Why did I sign up for this”, “This is difficult” “Who am I trying to impress?’. I was going through the emotions of ‘Why am I doing this’ because I was exhausted. I almost gave up a couple of times but thank God for the energy and support that people were showing. I didn’t cry but I felt like it at some point. I got really tired at some point because I was awake but my body and mind were doing two different things. At certain times, I didn’t even know where I was, those were the kinds of mental challenges I faced.

How did it make you feel to see many people come out to support you?

I didn’t expect it. That was the one thing I didn’t expect from this whole thing. Like I said, people weren’t taking me seriously. I thought I would have to beg a lot of people to come. But after I posted the video of the first day, it went viral. The first night Don Jazzy came with my cousin DJ Big N and that made me know that people were paying attention. There was a crowd of people the first day and it just kept on getting bigger. The love and support was amazing, I felt very appreciated and I haven’t felt like that in a minute so it was good.


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Congrats world breaker!


he tried oh

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Cool and kudos to him…


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