There Are Currently No Plans To Bring The Green Arrow To The DCEU – Stephen Amell


We’re going to see a number of superheroes in the two Justice League movies, and some of them will even get their very own standalone movies later on. However, it doesn’t sound like there are currently any plans for a potential Green Arrow movie in the DC Extended Universe, but that may change in the future.

That’s according to Arrow star Stephen Amell, who was recently a guest on Larry King Now. When asked whether or not we’re ever going to see a movie for the divisive TV series, the actor had the following to say:

Amell: “Well, I’m, I mean it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films, but I don’t know, those are things that exist out…

King: The guy who plays The Flash wasn’t cast in the movie right?

Amell: No, the cinematic universe and the television universe are separate.

King: So you might not be cast if it were a movie.

Amell: I might not be.

King: Does that bug you?

Amell: Ummm, I’ve spoken with people within DC and they’ve said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change.”


We already know that Oliver Queen’s company, Queen Industries, exists in the DC Extended Universe, so there’s certainly a chance that the character could show up at some point. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see him kicking some ass with the Black Canary (who, by the way, we’ve heard will have role in the first Justice League movie) and the rest of the Justice League?

It’s safe to say that if we ever get to see the Green Arrow on the big screen, he won’t be played by Stephen Amell, so who would you want to see in the role? Sound-off your thoughts in the comment section below.

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