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Cristiano Ronaldo will make Manchester United return


Cristiano Ronaldo will make Manchester United return

Ronaldo might not be all smiles for too much longer. (©GettyImages)

As Cristiano Ronaldo wheeled away, shirt in the air, after
firing home the penalty which gave Real Madrid a 4-1 lead over Atletico
in the Champions League final in May, you couldn’t help that feel
Florentino Perez’s master-plan had finally bore the fruits of his
financial endeavours.

Much like a cartoon villain Perez’s attempts to secure a 10th
European title for Madrid were foiled year after year, with high-profile
managers such as Manuel Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho unable to deliver
him the prize he coveted most.

Of course Carlo Ancelotti’s well-balanced side, spearheaded by the
two attacking destriers in Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, ended the wait, and
there was a feeling that all would now be well at the Santiago Bernabeu.
The pressure had been lifted, the tension eradicated and the ultimate
goal achieved.

The downward spiral

The last of those three descriptions may be true, but merely two La
Liga games into this campaign and things are threatening to fall down
around Perez’s ears. Most worryingly for the team, and indeed anyone who
calls themselves a Madrid fan, is that it’s Ronaldo who appears to have
appointed himself chief wrecking ball.

Moving back to that fateful night in Lisbon, wherein the Portuguese
star’s late penalty put an Atletico fight-back beyond all doubt,
Ronaldo’s future seemed more certain than it had ever been. In September
last year the talismanic forward put pen to paper on a new five-year
contract which sees him take home a reported £288,000-a-week, and the
Ballon d’Or bestowment earlier this year was the pinnacle of positives
his recent form for Madrid has produced.

Put simply Ronaldo had become the saint that Perez had pictured in
his dreams when he spent £80 million to take him from Manchester United,
and the player himself was enjoying the most efficient period of his
career. As is so often the case at Madrid however, bubbling a little
underneath the surface is a plot that threatens to take the European
dominance Los Blancos are vying to repeat and reduce it to ashes.

Ronaldo’s return to United

And yet rather than dutifully taking up the usual stance of a
high-profile player linked with a sensational exit from Madrid, by
either backing off into obscurity for a time or claiming there’s ‘no
problem’ with himself and Perez, Ronaldo has done the opposite, and
further fuelled the rumours clinging onto the notion that he could make a
spectacular return to Old Trafford.

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By actively singing the praises of the transfer business Louis van Gaal has undertaken this summer, and then stating how he loved United
and would one day like to return, Ronaldo hasn’t just flirted with the
idea of moving back to Manchester in the minds of Red Devils fans, he’s
practically signed the documents to make it a reality.

Of course for the time being he will remain a Madrid player, but his
recent actions have most certainly made a shock move far more feasible
and, with Perez’s attitude towards players falling into line, fireworks
may just ensue.

For the mega-rich Madrid chief may spend lavishly to annually
replenish the galaxy of stars on his books, but there’s to be no
doubting who is in charge. The fact that he never saw eye-to-eye with Di
Maria is whispered to have been one of the main reasons why the
26-year-old was allowed to leave, and even Mourinho didn’t last long
once his honeymoon period at the Bernabeu had ended.

Perez’s stance on Ronaldo

With Ronaldo though Perez knows that he has a marketable asset, who
not only has a fan base which spreads into the tens of millions, but
also makes a hell of a difference to the team’s on-pitch fortunes. It’s
that fact that makes him the only true ‘unsaleable’ asset Ancelotti
currently has in his squad, and Perez will be acutely aware that no
matter how he feels, how much he’s offered or how much Ronaldo praises
United, negotiating the player’s exit whilst he’s in his peak would be
presidential suicide.

Regardless of that though the 29-year-old, particularly over the last
few days, has made it clear through his actions that the idea of
leaving Madrid isn’t so far-fetched as many would have assumed.

Van Gaal may not be Sir Alex Ferguson, and the United side he’d be
going back to is a far cry from the one he left in 2009, but Old
Trafford holds happy memories for Ronaldo, and by his own admission a
return is an outcome he himself wouldn’t fight against.

If Perez isn’t careful his deteriorating relationship with the most
globally recognised superstar in world football will begin to instigate
serious fuss. When it does United will be waiting in the wings to offer
Ronaldo the perfect route out.

And who says romance is dead?

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