The Consequences of Being Too Conscious Of Good Looks – Ice Prince


The Consequences of Being Too Conscious Of Good Looks – Ice Prince

It was few months ago that Ice Prince’s girlfriend put up a picture of both of them relaxing and lounging around, and declared her love for him. But this peaceful post if I may say, did not last long before it became an object of fight. Some of the fans of the musician were saying congratulations and dropping their likes for her when one of them came in with an allegation of how she is not ashamed to put up the picture even when she has been cheating on Ice Prince with a man named Akin.

Ice Prince and his girlfriend

It was later noticed that the man named Akinbode who actually has a twitter handle @akinbods posted pictures from the same location with Maima, Ice Prince’s girlfriend. But it was not the end of it all. When the matter started hitting up, the lady that called her out as a cheat went as far as posting a picture of the said Akindobde and Maima. A view of the picture reveals that they are too close to comfort anyway, and this is it here.

Akindobde and Maima Ice Prince girlfriend

However, while ice prince replied with a series of tweets, which is actually is what a man should do in such circumstance, it did not take away the fact that this man looks good and so manly, and may actually be the one doing the homework for him.


And, his tweet which reads, “Lol these men will do anyyyything to break up me and my girl tho…. Smh… Even the married ones?!? Sigh, just go to church bro. Love God,” did not reveal the identity of the man and his relationship with her girl,

There has been a series of them fine boys who are always busy concentrating on their fame and their good looks, while some other men who really know what women want are behind them taking care of their women. This could actually be the case with Ice Prince.

And going forward, the lady who was accused of cheating on the boyfriend has also not come out to debunk the accusations or to offer explanations. However, people who are close to them are saying that Ice Prince may have been on an investigation, so as to find out what the problem is, and also take the necessary actions.

Ice Prince’s girlfriend

if you remember when the news first came out about Tiwa Savage and T Bilz where he alleged that the wife is busy practicing the lyrics of the Doro Buchi song which says “Doro is a cheerful giverrrrr” and how it was covered at first, only for the real deal to follow a year after, you will know what I am talking about here.

The question is; why is it that men who are too conscious of their looks are always the first to attract hot and beautiful girls, but never the ones to keep them. What do you think?

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