Cinema Review: New Money Doesn’t Wow But It Doesn’t Disappoint Either


Cinema Review: New Money Doesn’t Wow But It Doesn’t Disappoint Either

New Money offers good comedy, unexpected drama, a lesson on friendship and loyalty, and in a subtle way inspires.

New money tells the story of a young girl, Toun Odumosu who joggles life between her job as a sales girl and her passion of being a designer. She leads a decent life until her long estranged father dies leaving her his wealth and “legacy” to manage. Toun Odumosu is faced with the challenge of living up to expectations as a CEO and Billionaire while still nursing her ambitions of being a designer.

On what I liked about the film: first is casting. I think everyone fitted their character. Acting was on point, Osas Ajibade’s delivery of her lines was my highlight of the film especially in the scene at the amala joint. I also loved Kate and Jemima as mother and daughter not just because of a seeming resemblance, but for the chemistry and this made them very believable as mother and daughter. The grass to grace story is cliché and may have come out boring or told in a way that may have been insulting to the audience but the story unwrapped itself in a way that was believable and relatable.


On what I didn’t like (spoiler alert): the club scene. There were some eyebrow-raising moments at the club. The first was Toun buying off a table at the VIP section. I mean the guys who were there are supposed to be rich and all, and she offers to pay their drinks if they left the table and they all agreed. There were about five people sitting on that table and no egos were massaged or insulted before they complied. Second, how a fully clothed woman with head tie and all gets into a club. I know her coming in there was arranged but somehow I still cringed seeing her there. Then Bad acting from the extras and Toun’s wardrobe. Her hair and clothes didn’t just fit. And towards the end, we went from Toun learning Uncle Chuka wanted to take the CEO from her to confronting him, to making up with her mother, to breaking up with her new boyfriend to getting kissed by Joseph to strategizing on how to convince the board that she was fit to be CEO to buying Ultimate Bet, all in a day! That was a bit rushed for me.

New Money is just a good movie, nothing spectacular and like cotton candy, it’s easy to forget.

Rating: Cotton Candy

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