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Check Out Scott Disick’s New $450K Ferrari 812 Superfast


Check Out Scott Disick’s New $450K Ferrari 812 Superfast

Check Out Scott Disick’s New $450K Ferrari 812 Superfast

If you had a half a million dollars, would you spend it on a single car? Scott Disick just did! The Lord rolled out in his new Ferrari 812 Superfast, which isn’t due out officially for another couple weeks.

Looks like the Lord got his hands on an early release of the 12-cylinder, 789-horsepower, 0-60 in 2.8 seconds supermachine. And what better to do than to celebrate by going to the jeweler’s to drop some more dough!

According to X17, Scott hit up his local Polacheck’s Jewelers to get some bling to go with his new ride. Seriously, where does the spending end?! It doesn’t! The other day Scott was at Best Buy with his girlie Sofia Richie and the day after, at Marmalade Cafe with his kids and entourage. Can you imagine the monthly credit card statement?!

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